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Tuesday the 14th. After spending a fun afternoon visiting the boy's great-aunt Betty in Chesapeake, we arrived in Virginia Beach and hit the waves for the first time as a family of four.  Ben was too little last year to count.  Benjamin has loved everything; the waves, the sand, the pool.  A wave knocked him face down into the sand and he came up just covered in salt water and sand.  He was signing "more" and smiling the whole time we tried clean his face off.  He also signed more while we walked back to the hotel.  But as soon as he hit the indoor pool the smile came back.  It's been two years since our last beach trip with Grandma Sue and we are very happy to be in the middle of another one with her.


Wednesday the 15th. Day two at the beach started early for Jackson.  He and I hit the weights hard at 7:00.  Met Amy, Sue, and Ben for breakfast at 7:05.  Ben led us away from the breakfast table and onto the beach.  So by 7:30 we were swimming in our clothes.   Jackson just loves being in the waves, but they are really, really big this week.  So we got all that in, plus a dip in the pool, before nine.  Then Ben took a nap in the room with Sue watching him, while Amy, Jackson, and I hit the waves one more time before lunch.  A rain storm gave us a chance to rest before hitting the beach again, and again.  Jackson finished off his day by feeding the birds and taking a long sunset walk to the pier with Amy.  Both boys fell asleep within minutes at bedtime.  But I bet they will be up and ready to go again tomorrow.

Thursday the 16th.  Like footprints left in the sand, our beach trip is now behind us.  We had a fun morning playing in the ocean and walking to the pier before heading back to Colonial Heights.