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December 17, 2006.  Notes and photos on the Appomattox River page.

 May 14, 2005. The Colonial Heights access point to Swift Creek is located only a couple of miles from my mother-in-law's house.  So for this weekend's visit I brought the kayak and did a little early Saturday morning paddling.  The kayak was in the water by 6am and I began paddling down Swift Creek against the incoming tide.  I rounded the horn at Conjour's Neck, then paddled into the confluence with the Appomattox River.  I paddled a short way up the Appomattox before turning around.  The paddle back up Swift Creek was with the incoming tide, so I was able to trim ten minutes off the return trip.  Really overcast and gray, so the photos are less than remarkable, but it was nice paddling a new spot.