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September 28, 2003. A bunch of Benjamin pictures.

September 19, 2003.  Benjamin is catching up on current events while the grown ups talk.   We visited the Joyce gang again and this time Sharon, Keith, and Danny rolled in on their bikes right behind us.  As you can tell from the pictures, Little Landon has no trouble finding someone to hold him.  Little Landon is growing though, I'll have to stop calling him "little" soon.


September 18, 2003. Benjamin is three months old and a lot of fun right now.  He has learned how to stick his tongue out and talks all the time.  I think he is going to take after his brother and have the gift of gab.  He loves to talk to you and for you to talk back to him.


 September 14, 2003. Everyone met down at the river Sunday afternoon to see Caleb baptized.  Jackson has had me pretend "babilize" him a couple of times a day ever since.


Later that evening we met Papa on his way back from the hay fields.  Jackson hopped out and took a ride on the tractor.  He says Papa's tractor is "LOUD and FAST!". 

September 11, 2003. Mount Airy had a Remembrance festival featuring Melva Houston on Thursday.

September 9, 2003. Dylan Gallimore came over to hang with Jackson Tuesday evening.  They always have a good time playing together.  Dylan just turned six and is going to Franklin Elementary this year.

September 10, 2003.  We got our second look at little Landon.  Still cute, cute, cute.  I have more snapshots on his page.


September 7, 2003.  The weather was nice and cool this weekend, so we had a picnic lunch on the playground.  Jackson's name for this playground is "Deana's park" because she lives just around the corner.


Baby Landon made his appearance on September 5th.  I have a page setup just for little Landon, just click HERE.  Hopefully Benjamin and Landon will grow up to be big buddies.  And Landon has his own website at http://www.landonjoyce.com .



September 1, 2003.  We went to Mike and Brooke's on Labor Day for a cookout hoping that the day would take on some extra meaning.  But Landon stayed put and we will just have to wait a little longer.