September 2002

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Jackson_2002_09_beach_visor_web.jpg (58650 bytes)We went to Virginia Beach in September and Jackson had an extra special time because Grandma Sue went with us.  The Oceana Air Show was taking place a few blocks away, so we were treated to seeing the Blue Angels, Canadian Snowbirds, etc... fly over head while we were on the beach.  Virginia Beach has done a great job of turning itself into a nice family vacation spot.  It is an amazing difference from when I went there as a kid.  The beaches are now nice and wide, big improvement.  It gave Jackson lots of room to run.  Lots of fun pics from this month.  Every time we go to the beach I think Jackson is at the perfect age to enjoy it.

Jackson_2002_09_beach_Mommy_and_Grandma05_web.jpg (138853 bytes) Jackson_2002_09_beach_Mommy_and_Grandma01_web.jpg (84589 bytes) Jackson_2002_09_beach_Mommy_and_Grandma03_web.jpg (116999 bytes) Jackson_2002_09_beach_02_web.jpg (34846 bytes) Jackson_2002_09_beach_sunglasses_waterbottle_web.jpg (53352 bytes)    Jackson_2002_09_beach_shovel_web.jpg (127440 bytes)

Lots of kite flying, running, construction projects, and Jackson's favorite, WAVE JUMPING!!!

Jackson_2002_09_beach_Daddy_kite_flying_web.jpg (97546 bytes) Jackson_2002_09_beach_kite_flying_web.jpg (117631 bytes) Jackson_2002_09_beach_kite_flying03_web.jpg (83087 bytes) Jackson_2002_09_beach_Daddy03_web.jpg (42187 bytes) Jackson_2002_09_beach_Mommy_running_web.jpg (118585 bytes) Jackson_2002_09_beach_running_web.jpg (100372 bytes) Jackson_2002_09_beach_playing12_web.jpg (128155 bytes) Jackson_2002_09_beach_playing_closeup01_web.jpg (88090 bytes) Jackson_2002_09_beach_Daddy_sand_castles_web.jpg (78750 bytes) Jackson_2002_09_beach_Daddy_wave_jumping_web.jpg (143516 bytes) Jackson_2002_09_beach_Mommy_and_Grandma02_web.jpg (82760 bytes)


Jackson_2002_09_beach_crossing_boardwalk_web.jpg (77674 bytes)One of Virginia Beach's great features of course is the boardwalk.   Jackson called it "crossing the street".  We rented a 4 seater bike and took Grandma Sue for a ride along the bike trail one night.  Maybe next year Jackson will be old enough for the roller blades.


Jackson_2002_09_beach_asleep_with_headphones01_web.jpg (58666 bytes)Did I mention that Jackson just turned sixteen?


Jackson_2002_09_Megan_art01_small.jpg (24761 bytes)Jackson and Megan expressing their artistic sides.  9/7/02.