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March 2011

July 2010
Visit number 25 to our old friend Sci-Works.

February 2010

March 2009

August 2008
Amy and the boys met Brooke, Landon, Ella, Ely and their friends.

February 6, 2008
The highlight of Amy and Ben's trip was the Iguana, who was more active than usual and even went for a dip in the water.

June 11, 2007
My sister Deana and our friend Sharon took Jackson, Caleb and Isabelle to Sci-Works for the day. 
(Photos courtesy of my sister.)

July 6, 2006
Amy, Jackson, Ben and our nephew Jimmy spent four hours of a rainy day at Sci-Works.

June 24, 2006
I took Jesse and the boys for a couple hours of fun on an overcast hot Saturday morning.

Cool reflection shot - SciWorks, Winston-Salem, NC Ben and Jack at SciWorks - June 24, 2006 Jesse, Jackson, Ben - Sci-Works Jesse and BenBen - SciWorks 2006 The brothers - SciWorks

June 2, 2006  Amy, Jackson and Ben spent an overcast day playing at Sci-Works.

March 31, 2006
Jackson was out of school and Ben has been asking to go to the dinosaur house, so a trip to Sci-Works was in order.  Amy invited our niece
Isabelle to go too and also met friends Megan, Matthew, and Samuel once they got there.

March 9, 2006
Amy went with Jackson's kindergarten class on a field trip to Sci-Works.  They had a great time.  Jackson was so tired that he fell asleep when he got home and slept through Karate class.

January 3, 2006
On Jackson's last day of freedom before school resumes tomorrow, he went to Sci-Works, renewed our membership, and spent four and a half hours playing, enjoying the beautiful weather and watching demonstrations on everything from making rockets from two liter bottles to feeding horseshoe crabs.   

November 26, 2005
Alan, Charla, Jimmy, and Nicole all visited Sci-Works with us on their way out of town after visiting Mayberry for a night.  I think Jimmy and Nicole found lots of things to do and as usual our boys had a lot of fun.  The Wind/Air exhibit had lots of neat things setup, especially for Ben.  He loved putting balls in the tubes just to chase them when they popped out somewhere else.  Jackson tripped on his way off the giant keyboard on the floor and busted his top lip, but other than that, everyone had a great time.

August 9, 2005
The PecksRex exhibit is up and Jackson very much wanted to go see it, so he, Ben, and Amy spent the afternoon at Sci-Works.

July 27, 2005
Amy and the boys spent an hour playing before picking up our friend Matthew from Sci-Camp.

July 5, 2005
Amy and the boys took our nephew Jesse to Sci-Works on a cloudy hot day.  They stayed for about three hours and had fun the entire time.

June 18, 2005
The boys and I spent about an hour playing before going to my niece Isabelle's dance recital across town.  The place was empty again this Saturday and we had everything to ourselves. 

June 11, 2005
Amy was working and it looked like a rainy day, so the boys and I headed to Sci-Works to play.  When we got there the weather looked a lot better and we spent a good part of the day outside looking at the animals.  Inside we had the entire place to ourselves for a long time, we got there just as it opened and were the first ones in the door.  That was nice because we actually figured out what a lot of the things in the science circus exhibit did and asked lots of questions.  I discovered that my fastest fast ball is only fifty miles an hour.  And it took a lot of work to get it that fast, most were only in the mid forties.  Jackson loved racing against the different animals on the dragstrip and Ben liked playing in the toddler section.  Benjamin was terrified of the stuffed bears in the animal exhibit though, we couldn't stay in there at all.  He would look up at them and start backing away, sometimes he would point and say "Bear!"  And we all thought the new Green Iquana was awesome.  Ben said "Lipard! Lipard!"

February 19, 2005
Amy, Megan, Benjamin, Jackson and I all spent time together at Sci-Works.  Most of the day was focused on the new Science Circus exhibit.


January 4, 2005
Amy and the boys met friends at Sci-Works to play in BusyTown one last time before the exhibit packs up.


November 13, 2004

Megan made the short drive to Winston-Salem with us for an afternoon at Sci-Works.  We spent most of our time in the BusyTown exhibit.  Everyone had a good time.  Now that we have a membership we can spend more time in one place without trying to rush around and do everything.



October 30, 2004

Jackson, Ben, and I went to Sci-Works to take advantage of the half-off new membership promotion.  Jackson and Benjamin both love the Richard Scarry Busytown exhibit and played in it for a long time.  We also went outside after our picnic lunch to tour the farm and zoo where we saw sheep with their wool being sheered and woven.

October 7, 2004

Amy, Ben, Jack, Timmesa, and Sam all enjoyed the Richard Scarry BusyTown exhibit.



July 22, 2004

Amy, Jackson, and Benjamin met friends at Sci-Works for a full day of fun.  They spent over 4 hours there and did almost everything.


June 4th, 2004
We made our first visit to Sci-Works in Winston-Salem on a rainy vacation day.