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 Friday, October 31st, 2014. We had lot of trick-or-treaters come by this year, even though it was cold and drizzling rain.  Ben spent the first part of his evening trick-or-treating with friends (he wore a red skin suit), then spent the later part of the night hanging out with Jackson and Izzy.  Izzy was visiting because our nephew Bronx fell and broke his arm in the morning and was in Winston-Salem having surgery. 

Tuesday, October 28th, 2014.  Lots of good family time over the weekend.  On Saturday, we cheered for Jackson at his XC meet, cheered for Ben at his soccer game, we rested in the sun in the backyard, visited with our friends the Sheppards while Jackson played disc golf with friends and Ben went to a friend's Halloween party.  That evening we were nostalgic and watched an old VHS copy of Robinhood.  On Sunday, after church, Jackson and I played disc golf at Westwood Park while Amy and Ben played soccer at MCA.  Later in the afternoon, Jackson and I played corn hole, he then went to Beacons, my neighbor Mark and I played corn hole and we then wrapped up the night with another trip to the soccer field with Ben.  Ben and I played a few video games in there as well.  More photos here.

Monday, October 27th, 2014. This month has brought perfect weather for sitting by the coop, enjoying the company of friends, sunshine, the changing colors, a glass of wine and the entertainment of the hens, who have been busy catching up on their dust baths. 

Sunday, October 26th, 2014. MidWest Regional Finals -    I am incredibly proud of Jackson, of how fast he ran and of the amount of work that he put into his season as a freshman (6 months of running 6 days a week).  He was part of a great team.  They had a slight drop-off from the conference meet, averaging two seconds slower with an average time of 19:12 and a 1-5 split of 1:47.  For Jackson's part, his streak of PRs came to an end as he finished 10 seconds behind his conference time, finishing in 20:42, which is still a fantastic and fast time.  He finished 6th for his team, but displaced 12 runners from other teams.  It was hotter than it was two weeks ago and I thought he ran great considering the pressure and the temperature.  I hope he continues to run and I look forward to next year's season.

Monday, October 20th, 2014.Ben's final parent/son camporee.  Perfect weather, good group of scouts, fun times.  Amy joined Ben and I this year and was able to see just how much fun we have at the camporees.  Ben participated in slingshots, the indoor climbing wall and the monkey bridge.  Plus he built two forts near our Trails End campsite.  Closing ceremonies were a lot of fun.  We cooked pancakes and bacon for breakfast on Saturday, Kristen then had lunch ready for all Pack 538 campers.  At dinner, we again chowed down on the traditional dutch oven bbq.  Jackson spent his weekend in Tennessee with my family.  More camporee photos here.


Friday, October 17th, 2014. Jackson knocked another 42 seconds off his XC 5K time, setting yet another personal record at 20:32.  The boys team finished 4th in their conference and will race in the regional final meet next week. 

Friday, October 10th, 2014. Game 4:  Great night for soccer, complete with a rainbow over the field.  Ben's team played great and posted a 6-4 victory over the only team to beat them so far this season. Ben played fantastic, splitting time between forward and midfield.  He had one great assist to Austin, captured in this short highlight reel from the game.

Monday, October 6th, 2014.  Great sports weekend!  Jackson dropped an unbelievable minute and twenty-five seconds from his XC PR, finishing in 21 minutes and 14 seconds.  He also finished 5th again for his team, which finished 16 out of 34 teams in the Hagan Stone XC Classic in Greensboro, NC.  And Ben scored his second goal in his soccer team's second straight victory!  Woo Hoo!  (photos are courtesy of Deana)

While the kids were competing, I was camping and paddling on the Russell Fork in Breaks, VA.