October 2002

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If you know Jackson, then you know he is a talker.  Sometimes I ask him to repeat things just to see how much he can say.  He likes Spanish and loves to watch Dora the Explorer.  I didn't get to record the first part of this, but here he is saying "Donde esta mis zapatos?  Ahh, mis zapatos esta aqui?"  Click here to hear him.

And this just in... Jackson counting and saying his ABCs.

I had him say "I will major in metamorphosis" yesterday.   We were pretending to be a caterpillar.  He is a hilarious kid.

jackson_2002_10_Katie_Pearl_web.jpg (87440 bytes)Jackson visiting with his new friend Katelyn Pearl Brintle, or as Jackson pronounces it "Katie Peril".  He couldn't be getting any more of a southern accent.  



Sheriff Woody at the Behavioral Services Fall Festival.

jackson_2002_10_Cow01_web.jpg (63491 bytes)And Jackson as a Cow.  The corn was all his idea.  We have now decided that Jackson may become an actor because he refuses to break character.  He would not take the corn out of his mouth while he had on the cow suit.  When Jackson wants to pretend he picks out who everyone in the family is and then sticks to it.  For instance if he is Jimmy Neutron and you say "Jackson, do you want some juice?" he will say "Oh, you mean Jimmy Neutron."  Amy has made Jackson a Presto Chango basket in his playroom full of crazy hats, masks, gloves, etc... so that he can dress up.   (The cow costume is another loaner from the Eads bunch.)

    jackson_2002_10_Cow02_web.jpg (62107 bytes)