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November 2003

Sunday the 30th.  We went to Fancy Gap, VA to find our Christmas tree this year.  Walking through the tree farm looking for the perfect tree was a lot of fun.  Jackson carried his ax with him as he looked for the one that would say "Pick Me, Pick Me!" 

Saturday the 29th.  We went to Claudville on a cold windy afternoon to ride Jack and let Jimmy practice some archery with Caleb's bow. 



Friday the 28th.  Friday night Jackson, Alan, Jimmy and I went to the cabin for a catfish fry.  We  spent the night there with Papa and Caleb.  I think Jimmy was excited to sleep with real live bears walking around outside.  Really, there were bears right outside.  Amy, Benjamin, Charla, and Nicole spent the evening back in Mayberry.



Thursday the 27th.  Spending Thanksgiving at my Grandmother's house is just the best tradition ever.  The food is unbelievable and where better to spend the holiday than on a farm.   Alan, Charla, Jimmy and Nicole are visiting with us this year, so they joined the Heaths for the big feast.  I think everyone had a good time.  The kids played football, jumped on haybales, saw a newborn calf, rode 4-wheelers, and just enjoyed their day on the farm.



Tuesday the 25th.  I swiped this picture from baby Landon's website.  Amy and Brooke got together last week to let the boys play.

Decorating Grandma Sue's tree - 2003

Monday the 24th.  Jackson was excited to help Grandma Sue decorate for Christmas Monday morning.  He helped put ornaments on the tree and helped put lights on the house.  Now we are back in Mount Airy and Jackson can't wait for us to start decorating.  He wants our house to be the "prettiest one".  I guess that means we'll be hanging lights this year.

Sunday the 23rd.  The boys got to spend time with all their Colonial Heights cousins this weekend.  Jackson went to the mall with Wesley and Jesse, even saw Santa Claus with them.  Jackson also visited Lexi at her house.  And Jimmy and Nicole came over to Grandma Sue's house to play with both boys.   Neighborhood friend Amaris also came over to play.

Sendella and Greg's Wedding

Saturday the 22nd.  Amy, Benjamin and I went to Sendella and Greg Kings wedding in Hopewell, VA.  Both the wedding and Sendella were very beautiful.  We look forward to Sendella moving to nearby Galax, VA. 


Friday the 21st.  The new big thing this week has been Benjamin rolling all over the house.  He rolls from room to room until he gets to something he can't roll over, like a wall.  One day he rolled from the living room to the dining room.  When Jackson saw him laying in the middle of the floor, he said "Benji!!! Who did that to you?"

Tuesday the 18th.  Benjamin likes to lay in front of me while I play guitar and hold my fingers.  The great part about this is that, not only do I get to play guitar, but that it completely knocks Benjamin out.  He goes to sleep every time.  Can't beat that.

Monday the 17th.  How can you take the fun of a Sit-N-Spin and kick it up a notch?  Add a buddy.  Samuel and Jackson had a play date on Monday.


Sunday the 16th.  OK, Benjamin followed up yesterday's milestone with another.  He made the back to belly roll twice on the floor.  Yeah Benjamin!! 

Dinner Club

Dinner Club at Ken and Tonya's was a lot of fun, the food was super, and of course it was nice to see everyone.  Jackson spent his evening either talking Ken's ear off, playing with Molly, or getting into Ken's stuff.  And Landon is growing like a weed.

Caleb's Birthday Party

Saturday the 15th.  Benjamin rolled over belly to back three times today.  I didn't even know he was ready for that yet.  He is still working on going the other way around.  A little easier to roll off the belly than onto it I guess.  Anyway, today's pictures are from Caleb's 6 year birthday party.  I can't believe how fast those 6 years have went by.  The party was a lot of fun and we all had a good time.


Friday the 14th.  When I left for work this morning the boys were watching television together.   Jackson is so in love with his little brother.  He wants to be right on top of him all the time.  And Benjamin is in love with the TV. 

Thursday the 13th.  The nights are getting a little too chilly for Zorro, so it's time for him to start spending more time inside.  Jackson is very happy to have Zorro inside, Benjamin seems a tad concerned. 

Wednesday the 12th.  Benjamin was getting ready to take his b*th when we snapped this picture of him.  By the way, those baby blue eyes are turning brown.  And fast.

Monday the 10th.  When I came home for lunch today, Jackson was wearing an all red sweat suit.   Take that, add one yellow construction paper lightning bolt, and SHAZAM... FLASH GORDON! 

After I added the blurred motion effects to the photo of him running in place, I showed it to Jackson.  He said "WOW, I didn't know I was moving that fast!"  Later in the evening Jackson was running around on his bed, waving his arms around, and looking over his shoulder.  He finally said "Is it getting blurry yet?"  Pretty funny.

Sunday the 9th.  We visited Hama on Sunday and had a wonderful lunch.  Jackson said "Four Pickles Please."  Hama rubbed one of her pickles across Benjamin's slobbery gums, I think to see the face we thought he would make.  But Benjamin just smacked his lips and grinned a big old toothless smile.  I guess he will have his brother's taste buds.   It is just amazing how much food Hama has ready every Sunday just in case someone stops by.  On this Sunday, while visiting Hama, we also got to see Todd, Michelle, Kesley, Cameron, Mike, Jennifer, Lizzy, Parker, Gabe, Papa, Melanie, Eric, Caleb, and Isabelle.  And I think Hama probably still had food left.

Saturday the 8th.  Benjamin loves it when Megan comes over.  She is a great baby-sitter and kept him happy all day Saturday. 

bd15156_.gif (323 bytes)

Thursday the 6th.  Benjamin is wearing his colors in support of the Hokies.   They have a tough road game this week against Pittsburgh.  Benjamin is really into his toy bars now.  He loves to grab things and look at them for a minute before cramming his face into them.  He has also started paying more attention to Jackson.


Wednesday the 5th.  Jackson said "Wouldn't it be cool to take a picture of me, Buzz, and Woody?" So I did.


Sunday the 2nd. We kicked off the month with a trip to the NC Zoo in Ashboro.  The Eads joined us on an absolutely beautiful 80 degree fall day.  The highlight this trip, other than the kids, was probably the rough housing grizzly bears.  Jackson loved it when one of the bears fell in the water.  Jackson's last trip to the zoo was in May, 02.  His first trip was in October, 01.