July 2002

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Jackson26mo_WSBIII_Virginia_Racing01_web.jpg (48145 bytes)A drag race with Walter Scott and Virginia.


Jackson26mo_Wesley_scooter01_web.jpg (70245 bytes)     Jackson26mo_Wesley_scooter02_web.jpg (92743 bytes) Wesley teaching Jackson a few tricks.

Jackson25mo_Cousins_July6th03_web.jpg (143675 bytes)Jackson with all his cousins on the Mills side of the family.


Jackson26mo_Jumping_in_Pool_with_Mommy02_web.jpg (107393 bytes)

Jackson has turned into a little dare-devil at the pool.  He spent half his time this morning at Homeplace jumping into the pool where Amy would catch him and the other half going down the water slide with me.

Jackson26mo_Eating_Crackers_at_Pool02_web.jpg (104444 bytes)    

We went to a great party thrown by Ginny Slate at her house in Kibler Valley.  Jackson had a great time playing by the river and dancing to the music.   Especially since his uncle David was in the band.  July 20, 2002.

Jackson26mo_by_River01_web.jpg (66912 bytes)    Jackson26mo_dancing_David01_01_web.jpg (75815 bytes)

Jackson goes on an adventure walk most evenings after dinner and this has become his favorite destination.  He likes climbing the rocks just like a Space Ranger.  Most everything he does is "like a Space Ranger" these days.   He borrowed Toy Story II a few weeks ago and we have been playing, sleeping, and breathing Toy Story ever since.  Observant viewers may notice that Buzz, Zurg, or one of the other Toy Story gang are in just about every picture this month.  You just have to look for them.  Notice Zurg on the side of the pool in the first picture on this page.  Buzz is in Jackson's hand at the river and below.

Jackson26mo_Mt_Climbing01_web.jpg (141304 bytes)    Jackson26mo_Mt_Climbing02_web.jpg (82294 bytes)     Jackson26mo_Mt_Climbing03_web.jpg (125404 bytes)

Jackson26mo_RocketCar_ToyStoryII01_web.jpg (99490 bytes)As I mentioned above, Jackson is very into Toy Story right now.   Toy Story II is great, but when I rented the first Toy Story on DVD I realized that I had to skip past almost all of it.  But Jackson really likes the last scene in it where Buzz and Woody are riding RC and light the rocket.  This is him re-enacting that scene (notice the rocket on his back).  He has a Buzz and Zurg on the bike, along with a couple of the green space guys.  This was totally his idea.  He has borrowed or been given almost all the charaters, including Jesse and Bullseye.  So he has acts out huge scenes of the movie.  It is pretty funny, he even does voices for the characters.  Not bad for a two year old.

Jackson26mo_ToyStory03_web.jpg (53878 bytes)

Jackson25mo_Wesley_Jesse01_web.jpg (71693 bytes)Jackson's cousins Wesley and Jesse got to stay with him for a week this month.  Jackson really enjoyed the company.  They went swimming, camping, fishing, and did tons of other stuff.  He misses them already though.