Full day that started with a 7 mile run.  I then joined Amy and Ben, along with other friends, at church to make PB&Js for Sandwich Saturday.  While Amy and Ben worked to hand those out, I paddled in Kibler Valley.  Then that evening we joined many, many friends at Timmesa's house for a cookout.  The rains ran everyone off before the fireworks, but it was a fun evening.  Had my wedding band not slipped off into the river and had Jackson been with us, it would have been a perfect day. Jackson celebrated the 4th all the way out in Houston, Texas with our friends the Stancils.

This year we celebrated the 4th at the Eads house.  They hosted a fantastic gathering of friends, family and fun.

I started the day paddling a rare, high-water, natural flow in Kibler Valley, then returned later with the family for fireworks, fried chicken and Apples to Apples.

For the second year in a row, we spent our Independence Day in Kibler Valley.  Amy, the boys and I went up early to tube, pick raspberries and blackberries, swim and chill.  Once everyone else arrived, we made some group photos, ate a great dinner, went back to the river for more swimming (Caleb, Jackson and I drove upstream to run the top section and to swing off a few rope swings), then the evening was capped off by a great fireworks show, courtesy of Deana and Martin.  We were all very, very tired when we got home.

A return to the scene of Independence Day 2007.  Deana and Martin hosted a party featuring great food, fireworks and a game of wiffle ball at their house in Kibler Valley.  The kids played at the river following a rain storm and we made a swing in a tree using the rope from the Seth's pinata.  (The evening also doubled as a birthday party for Seth.)  I didn't take a single photo, so I'll post a few that I stole from my sister.

We spent the morning working on Fort Brother, the afternoon at the movies, dinner across the street with the Venables, then the evening watching fireworks with the Lindsleys and the Eads on Orchard Street.

Deana and Martin again hosted this year's celebration, this time at their house.  Most of the afternoon was spent at the dock, with a cookout following.  After a great meal, we waited for dark to arrive and for the rains to stop before watching a fireworks display over the pond.

Amy, Martin, Jackson Jackson

July 4th was spent this year at Deana and Martin's river house.  We had a cookout, a popcorn machine, tubing, canoeing, volleyball, horseshoes and, of course, fireworks. 

It was too hot to do anything but swim, so that's what we did.  And then followed that with a cookout with the Eads.  The sidewalk in front of their house is a perfect place to watch the fireworks display at Veterans Park. 


Man do we pack a lot into our Independence Days.  Jeff and I were on the river kayaking this morning by eight am.  Amy worked all afternoon.  We then went to a cookout at Deana and Martin's house in Stuart, Virginia.  And from there we went to Hama's house in Claudville for fireworks.  Jackson loved the fireworks, as usual.  Ben however preferred to watch from inside the house, maybe next year.

We had a huge Independence Day.  It started with a backyard cookout at the Eads' house, then Jackson and I spent the afternoon hiking all the way around Pilot Mountain, and finally we spent the evening on the farm in Virginia watching fireworks with about 30-40 friends and family.  Mike, Gabe, and Parker continue to top themselves with their fireworks show at Hama's house.


The kids enjoyed playing Red Light Green Light at our cookout with the Eads.


We spent July 4th, 2003 in Colonial Heights.


Jackson14mo_4th_Lets_blow_something_up.jpg (84034 bytes)Jackson14mo_4th_Mom.jpg (40775 bytes)Jackson14mo_4th_Dad.jpg (36577 bytes)Fireworks in Claudville at Hama's.  Jackson loved them.






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