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Monday, February 24th, 2014.  We had a great weekend full of sunshine, playing in the neighborhood, paintball battles in Cana, splatmaster wars in the backyard, kayak rolling, movies, shopping and more. 

Jackson and five other friends joined their friend Jack and his dad Jason at their property in Cana for an evening of paintball in the woods.  I hung around with the camera and snapped a few action shots.  It was so much fun that we added a third JT Splatmaster gun to our arsenal and spent all Saturday morning fighting in our back yard.  The best battles were Ben and Jackson against me.  Jackson and I then joined the Stancils one more time in Cana for a Dads against Sons battle.  That was a lot of fun, hopefully we'll do it again sometime soon.

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014. We lost the championship game last night, but what a fun season of basketball.  Jackson played fantastic all season, even though he was at the bottom of the age bracket.  He plays hard and smart and I rely on him heavily whenever I coach one of his teams.  More photos here.

Monday, February 17th, 2014. The big one!  15" of snow.  Definitely the best snow the boys have experienced.  They were out of school Wed-Fri of last week and had a two hour delay today.  It started falling hard and fast Wednesday afternoon.  By that night, the entire neighborhood was at the Coleman's house sledding in their backyard.  The ramps were out, the fire pit lit and it was a blast.  Our friends the Stancils came down and joined Jackson and I at Jones for a fast night of sledding.  The next morning the snow fell the heaviest I have ever seen.  We started at the Colemans, then moved to Jones when the Stancil family again joined us.  Just the best snow ever.  Amy, Ben and other kids from the neighborhood made a snow couch that turned into a great photo op.  Friday the temps were up, so there was a lot of snow shoveling and by Saturday our boys were done with playing in the snow.  Many, many more snow photos here! 

Monday, February 10th, 2014. After losing her lifelong friend Zorro, Emma only made it six weeks. She passed away this morning at the age of 15. She was a good girl and the last of our Zorro/Cassie/Emma trio to go. We'll miss her. It seems like just yesterday that Amy and I went to the rescue fair to pick her out. She was the prettiest puppy there.

Friday, February 7th, 2014. Great win, 57-49, in the first round of the tournament.  It was our second straight win against a team that had beat us twice in a row earlier this season.  It shows how much the team has improved.  They played a really smart, hard fought game and led the entire game after going down 2-0 in the opening minutes.  Jackson played hard and fouled out for the 2nd time this season.  Leading scores on the team were Hasson with 21, Justin with 19 and Christopher 13.  In contrast to our balanced offense, one player on the opposing team scored 38 of their 47 points. 

Ben competed in the district 3rd-8th grade spelling bee.  He did not win, but represented his grade well.  We were very proud. 

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014
. Last night Ben and I had a Cub Scout Pack Meeting, tonight Jackson and I have basketball practice following his confirmation meeting.  I truly enjoy being the Cub Master for Ben's scout pack, but look forward to the time that will be freed up when I hand the reigns over at the end of the school year.  Next year I will get to see more of what Ben is doing in scouts and can participate more with his den.  I have really enjoyed coaching Jackson and his basketball team this year.  They are a great group of boys.  Coaching takes up a lot of time, but not as much as the Cub Master duties.  Amy is now halfway through her first year of teaching Toddler Time in Pilot Mt and I believe that has went well.  She and Ben volunteered at Sandwich Saturday at our church this past weekend.  Ben enjoys helping Amy out when she volunteers at both Sandwich Saturday and Friends Feeding Friends.  He has a good heart, which he got from Amy. On Sunday, the boys and Amy went to Stuart to see Deana join her church and I attended Scout Sunday with our pack at First Baptist in Mt Airy.  I then coached basketball practice and following that, the entire neighborhood got together for our traditional Gingerbread House Demolition Day.  Amy had to run into work, but made it back in time to catch a big chuck of the action. It was a blast as usual.