The Christmas Tree Farm

Saturday, November 25th, 2017.  Another trip to Slaughter's Tree Farm for our Christmas tree. For the first time we drove to the far back corner and found a great section of trees.  I think we picked our best one yet. On our way out we ran into our neighbors and they were kind enough to take a family photo for us.  The other pics are our traditional ones in front of our 2017 tree.

November 27th, 2015. We picked out our 2016 tree on Sunday morning before heading to my parent's house for Thanksgiving.  The temps were in the low 40s, but the wind was not blowing and the sun was warm.  We found our tree in our same general area, but up closer to the highway.  


November 28th, 2015. I started the day by kayaking in Kibler Valley, we then watched the Hokies beat UVA in football, sending Frank Beamer out with a win in his last regular season game.  As soon as the game was over, we headed to Fancy Gap to pick out this year's tree at Slaughter's Tree Farm on a nice seventy degree afternoon.  By bedtime we had the tree in the house, lights on it and about half the ornaments.  It was a fun, productive day.  This was River's first trip to the tree farm.

November 29th, 2014.  We drove in from Colonial Heights Saturday morning and went to Slaughter's that afternoon to pick out a tree for our house and one for Mo's house.  We were surprised to find snow on the ground in Fancy Gap and it made for a fun tree cutting experience.  The boys %100 picked out this year's tree, I sawed them down, then Jackson helped me carry them to the truck.  When we got home we found that the tree fit just perfectly in the house and required no adjustments once it hit the stand. 


December 2nd, 2013.  We drove in from Colonial Heights, delivered Cub Scout popcorn, then raced up the mountain to pick out this year's tree before a holiday dinner at my parent's house.  Luckily the weather was perfect this year.  It had been bitterly cold for most of the previous week.  We picked out a perfect sized tree and decided to saw it ourselves rather than wait on someone from the farm to do it.  Just before sawing completely through, I asked Amy to pull the top of the tree a little to make it easier.  As soon as she grabbed it, the saw cut all the way through.  I am not exactly sure what happened, but I know the end result was that both Amy and the tree were laying on top of me.  Jackson had my iPhone and videoed it.  It was another good trip to Slaughter's, our eleventh.

November 24th, 2012.  Following a morning spent participating in the Christmas Parade with the Cub Scouts and an afternoon of watching VT beat UVA on television, we spent a very cold, blustery afternoon picking out our 2012 tree at Slaughter's Tree Farm.  I think this was our 9th straight year at Slaughters.  After going too short last year, we intentionally bought a 9 foot tree this year, even though we had to take 6 inches off the bottom and 6 inches off the top in order to squeeze it in the house.   We also went for a tree with more spaces to allow the longer ornaments a chance to hang freely.

November 26th, 2011.  Two things stand out about this year's trip to the tree farm.  1. Short Sleeves - it was incredibly warm, no coats, no rushing.  2.  The Measuring Stick - I broke this year from our tradition of getting a tree that is too big.  I decided that it didn't make sense to pay for an extra foot of tree, then just cut if off when I got home so that I could squeeze the tree into the house.  My plan backfired a little though, because I miscalculated and got a tree a full foot too short.  Still a good tree though.


November 28th, 2010. Another cold trip to Slaughter's Cut and Pick Tree Farm in Fancy Gap, Virginia to pick out our Christmas tree.  We quickly narrowed it down to four trees.  One was huge, it would by far be the biggest tree we had ever had.  Not knowing whether or not it would even fit in the house, we decided to buy it, just to see how it would work out.  It is the perfect Christmas tree.  We had to cut the entire top off, but we finally have a tree that will hold all of our special ornaments (we have somewhere close to a kazillion).  We also have a 2nd tree this year, which allowed us to spread the ornaments out even more.  The boys wanted the live tree downstairs next to the fireplace and I wanted one upstairs in the living room.  Adding the tree downstairs has made the game room the most comfortable spot in the house, especially when the gas logs are burning.  So the season is officially here and we are enjoying it so far.

November 27th, 2009.  For the third year in a row, we picked a VERY cold day to go shopping for our Christmas tree, but as the guy cutting the tree pointed out, at least it wasn't raining.  The wind was blowing hard and Ben agreed with every pick we made.  Jackson was more selective, but we still all managed to find one that we were all happy about.  In fact, it might be just perfect.


November 29, 2008.   On Saturday afternoon, after Amy's brother and his family left for their trip back home, we checked the weather forecast for Hillsville.  It was rainy and cold, but the extended forecast showed more of the same, so we sprinted up the mountain, picking out a tree just before dark and just before Slaughter's Tree Farm closed for the day.  We think we picked out a perfect tree this year, which as usual means that it is just slightly too big for our house.

November 25, 2007. We left Sunday dinner at my Mom's house in Claudville and drove straight to Slaughter's Tree Farm in Fancy Gap, Virginia to get our tree on a cold, windy overcast day. 

December 1, 2006.  We took Jackson out of school early on a windy, warm Friday to get our Christmas tree in Fancy Gap, Virginia.  When we got to the tree farm we found that it was closed.  But the seventy-one year old man across the road told us that if we found a tree we liked, he would cut it for us.  Both boys enjoyed the hunt for the perfect tree this year.  Ben stopped at all the saplings and said "What about this one?  It's my size."


Sunday, November 27th. We managed to get our Christmas tree today, even though we found our van broken in the driveway this morning and even though it was cold and raining (our next chance to get a tree would have been in two weeks).  Jackson did a great job of picking our our tree this year.  The one criteria for our tree is that it is too big for our house.  As long as it meets that, then it's perfect. (A big shout out to our friends the Eads for letting us borrow their van!)   

Sunday, December 5th.  We picked out our Christmas tree at Slaughter's tree farm in Fancy Gap, Virginia (Frank Beamer Country!) again this year.  Jackson only has one thing to say about it, "We got the biggest one they had."  We got back down the mountain just in time to go with Megan to Main Street and watch the Mount Airy Christmas parade.  Jackson, like his mommy, loves the holiday decorations and they both had a fun night hanging ornaments.  Surprisingly Benjamin totally ignored the tree, we all thought he would just terrorize it. 


Sunday, November 30th.  We went to Fancy Gap, VA to find our Christmas tree this year.  Walking through the tree farm looking for the perfect tree was a lot of fun.  Jackson carried his ax with him as he looked for the one that would say "Pick Me, Pick Me!" 

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