May 22, 2010
We again picked cherries at Melanie and Eric's house.   Their trees were covered.  I forgot to take photos though.  We ate vanilla ice cream with cherries when we got home, then cherry cobbler with ice cream before bed.  The boys played outside the next day and constantly ate cherries, spitting the pits either in the yard or at each other.

May 30, 2008

June 11, 2006
We joined friends Timmesa and Samuel for a fun morning picking cherries at Levering Orchard.  We focused our picking on dark sweet cherries, but sampled the yellow wax cherries and tart cherries on our way out of the orchard.  Last year we came home with way more than we needed, so this year we let the boys do all the picking and just brought home what they put in their buckets.  Judging by the stains on their faces and hands, I think a few by-passed the bucket and went straight to their bellies.  We took one bowl of cherries to my grandmother at lunch and another bowl to dinner club at supper.  We also learned a lesson from last year and froze a few for a pie later this summer.   


June 5, 2005
We spent a beautiful June afternoon picking sweet cherries in the Virginia foothills just west of town at Levering Orchard.   It was a full time job trying to catch Ben plopping cherries into his mouth, pits and all.  Both the Eads and Heath families had a really good time.  We took a break near the end of our cherry picking day to enjoy some snacks and lemonade in the shade.  It was year two for the Eads and a first for our crew.  Hopefully this will join strawberry picking as another Spring tradition. As soon as we got home, Jackson removed the pits from a bowl full of cherries so that Amy could make a delicious fresh-from-the-tree cherry cobbler.  And just to let you know, both the cherries and the pie were deeeelicious.


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