Celebrating Ben's Birthdays

Thirteen Years Old.

We celebrated Ben's birthday at home with a soccer ball cake and steak.  Well, he had steak, we ate hotdogs.  On Saturday, he played indoor soccer, then celebrated with our extended family at Kyotos, before going to see Captain America: Civil War with his immediate family.  Mo brought him a strawberry shortcake, as she did Jackson on his birthday.  Ben spent Sunday shopping with his Aunt Deana, where he picked up some new soccer cleats, a new bike and a new soccer goal.  We are taking him on Thursday to Great Wolf Lodge for his present from us.


Twelve Years Old
 Ben celebrated at home with family this year.  Amy, as requested, made a strawberry big top cupcake and Mo made a fresh strawberry shortcake.  And following it all, we played two big games of basketball before a quick trip to GameStop to buy Fifa15 for the PS4 that Deana and Martin gave him.  The morning started with a candle in a breakfast muffin, then Jackson and I joined him for lunch at his school where Ben passed out KrispyKreme donuts to his classmates.  After school Amy took him for a frozen treat and to pick out his rib-eye for dinner (everyone else had salad and pizza).  Ben proclaimed that it was a wonderful day.


Eleven Years Old
 Ben celebrated his birthday, first with a family cookout, then with a trip to see the X-Men on his actual birthday, then with a Hunger Games party at our cabin, followed by a sleepover with buddies.

Ten Years Old

Ben's day started with birthday muffins, followed by Epic in 3D, then Air Bound in Winston-Salem and dinner at Arigatos.  He told Amy that he wanted a strawberry shortcake, except with cherries instead of strawberries, so that is what she made him.  It was pretty good.

Nine Years Old

Ben had friends Zeb, Devin and Weston over for a sleep-over.  They played frisbee golf, wiffle ball, basketball, flashlight tag, nerf war, made their own pizzas, roasted marshmallows and ate birthday cake before settling in downstairs to watch Johnny English.

Ben returned on his actual birthday from a wonderful trip to Boston with his Aunt Deana and Uncle Martin.  The family got together for pizza and birthday cake, which gave Ben one more chance to blow down some candles.

Eight Years Old

Seven Years Old

Happy Birthday (as sung by Jessica, Allie and Jack)

Six Years Old

Five Years Old

Four Years Old

Three Years Old

Two Years Old
May 22, 2005. We celebrated Benjamin's birthday today with a small party at the house.  Amy drove to Winston-Salem to pick up Elmo, Oscar, and Cookie Monster cookies from the cookie store in the mall.  Jacob and little Zachary from next door came to the party.  As did friends Matthew and Samuel.  We missed Megan.  She was able to come home from the hospital this morning, but it would have been too much to make it to the party.  Ben's buddy Landon made it, so did Ben's cousins Caleb and Isabelle.  I think Ben had a really good time.  All the kids liked the bubble fun in the front yard.

One Year Old
May 29, 2004.  Benjamin's had a Blue's Clues party at his house to celebrate turning one.  He loved having Happy Birthday sung to him, his ice cream cake, his Krispy Kreme gift, his big blue ball, and having all his friends and family at his house.