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Monday, August 28th, 2017. When Jackson was born, strangers would stop and tell Amy and I, very sincerely, that it would fly by. They would lean over to us while we sat in the pediatrician's waiting room, tell us about their almost grown child that was a senior in high school or getting ready to go to college and would say "Enjoy it, because it will be over before you know it. They grow up so fast." Since so many people told us this, I knew it would be true. And it was. I can't believe that today is Jackson's last 1st day of school photo. Next year Ben will be standing by himself in the driveway. My blog post from Jackson's 1st day of Kindergarten read "Jackson did great this morning. He woke up and said "Is it the first day of school?" He was very excited. He ate his breakfast as fast as he could. He got dressed and then walked around the house with his backpack on. His cousin called to wish him well and Jackson told him that "well, I'm nervous, but sort of excited nervous. I'm nervous about things I might not know how to do or that I won't like, but I know they will do fun stuff too, so I'm excited." We walked to the school early and Jackson started running when we got close. We walked him to his room and broke the rules by going into the classroom with him. He found his seat, kissed us on the cheek, and that was it. Benjamin yelled "Bye Bye Baby" as we walked out the door. It's a very tough day for Mommy, but I'm sure BenBen will keep her distracted and laughing along with the tears." So I guess that will be Ben's job next year too, to keep his mom distracted and laughing when Jackson goes off to college. Ben starts his last day of middle school today, which is equally hard to believe. The time does fly by.


August 20-24, 2017.  Another great weekend at Grayson and Martha's place in Atlantic Beach.    It is hard to believe this was our 9th year visiting this perfect little spot on the coast.