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Wednesday, August 27th, 2014. It has been a busy month of paddling.  I broke by beloved Fun again, bought a Dagger Jitsu 5.9 which I love, paddled Kibler, the Pigeon, the French Broad, the Ararat and surfed in the Atlantic.  All of which can be read about on my paddling blog.  Day two seemed to go well for both boys.  Jackson stays after school to practice with the Cross Country team, Ben comes home and plays in the neighborhood with his friends.  And both had a little homework, but nothing too unmanageable. 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014. We wrapped up summer vacation with a trip to the our favorite place on our favorite beach, thanks once again to friends Grayson and Jason.  The weather was great, we enjoyed lots of time skim boarding, wave jumping, boogie boarding, wave runner throwing, fishing and even just walking on the beach. Many more photos here.

A few weeks earlier, Amy and the boys joined Alan and Nicole on a day trip to Virginia Beach. More photos here.

They kidnapped Nicole and brought her to our house for a few days, we later met Alan halfway and sadly said goodbye.

And although I don't yet have any photos from the trip, Amy and the boys joined Deana, Sharon, Caleb and Izzy at Myrtle Beach back in July. 
We have continued to get eggs from the chicks, sometimes as many as four a day.  Maggie and Scarlet lay the biggest eggs, while the other four produce really, really small ones.  They are also not blue like we though they would be, so our Araucaunas may be mutts.


We threw dad a surprise party in Kibler Valley this year for his 70th birthday. Many more photos from Papa's Birthday here.

The morning after Papa's party, Jackson ran in the Downtown Rocks and Runs 5K, finishing 18th out of 250 runners with a time of 22:41, a full two minutes and 5 seconds faster than his previous best time.  Our friend Matthew finished first in his age group and 5th overall.  Jackson's cross country team actually swept his age group and did great as a team. 

Monday, August 25, 2014. First day of High School for Jackson and Ben starts 5th Grade. Things seemed to go well for both.  Ben really liked both his teachers, but he once again has no friends in his room.  I think Jackson enjoyed the experience of figuring out a new school.  I think it helped that he had so many friends in the upper classes from cross country and Beacons

August 10, 2014. Celebrated ten years of kayaking by paddling the same river that I started on, the Dan.  This photo shows me on my very first kayaking trip and on my latest trip, almost ten years to the day later.

August 6, 2014. We found an egg for the second day in a row!

August 5, 2014
. First Egg!  We suspect that it was laid by Mary, but are not positive that it was not Scarlet.
August 3, 2014.  Started the day with church, followed it with a paddle on the Ararat with Ben and Drew, capped it off with Bronx's birthday party in Ararat.

August 2, 2014. Four Months Old! Laverne and Shirley turned out to be Lenny and Squiggy.  They are living inside our dog kennel, which we placed inside the run.  They will soon be transported back to Deana and Martin's house.