Jackson again enjoyed Arts Alive this year, probably more than last year.  The program, directed by Peter and Christina Holland of Once Upon A Blue Ridge at the Andy Griffith Playhouse, was very entertaining and Dramagical (Dramagical was the theme).  Jackson's group performed a series of Mother Goose stories.  Last year Jackson rode his scooter for the first time and pulled up the rear of the parade.  Twelve months later, he was at the front with Matthew, practically pushing the police cruiser up the road. 



Jackson had a fantastic time at the Arts Alive and we all had a good time on finale night.  Jackson loved riding his scooter in the parade with lots of friends and family.  Jimmy was picked from the crowd to play the robber in The Bremen Town Musicians sketch we were watching.  And after the children put on a musical melody called "Up, Up, and Away", our new friend Tareka Smith gave Jackson a van full of balloons to take home.   Jackson, Megan, Matthew, Samuel, Jimmy and Caleb all participated in Arts Alive this year.


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