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December 17, 2006.

Sunday, December 17, 2006.  From White Bank Park in Colonial Heights, Virginia, I paddled down Swift Creek in the dark under a sliver of moon and into the Appomattox River just as the water began to reflect the early morning sky.   As I've said before, I like to do my flat-water paddling at sunrise or sunset because that's when you get the best photo opportunities and see the most wildlife.  My paddle lasted for three hours and took me North along the Eastern side of the river to Interstate 295, then back along a slightly different and more Western path.  I saw one deer, two beavers, a handful of herons, hundreds of geese, thousands of gulls and picked up some fresh mistletoe when I stopped to stretch my legs.  My Dagger Element 11.2 was off the water and back on the truck by 9:30AM. 

May 14, 2006.  Notes and photos on the Swift Creek page.