Amy and Delane Heath

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Delane - 1996Amy and I live in a very nice, small town in North Carolina best known for being the home of Andy Griffith and the basis for the fictitious town of Mayberry.  We both grew up in Virginia; Amy in the cities of Petersburg and Colonial Heights and me hundreds of miles away in a very rural part of the Blue Ridge foothills called Claudville.  We both spent time in Blacksburg while attending Virginia Tech, although not at the same time because I am five years older than Amy. 

We met not long after Amy ran into her childhood friend Brooke at college.  Brooke had moved from a house across the street from Amy in Petersburg Virginia to a house hundreds of miles away and just up the street from my best friend Mike in Stuart Virginia.  Mike and Brooke were dating when she and Amy ran into each other, so Brooke arranged for us to meet. 

 And so we did on April 5th, 1996, at Mike's apartment in Collinsville, VA.   It really, truly was love at first sight, for both of us.  Amy told her mom the next day that she had found the guy she would marry  Amy was twenty-two and I twenty-six.  So it happened that through a little fate and luck, Amy and I found each other.  And the rest, as they say, is history.  (much of which is documented on this website)

Amy graduated from Virginia Tech that December and in September the following year, 18 months after our first meeting, we were engaged.  We were  married in Petersburg, VA on March 28th, 1998.  Amy moved from Blacksburg, VA to Mount Airy, North Carolina and into my tiny little apartmentWe almost immediately began looking for a larger place and in August of 1998 bought the  house that we still live in.  Shortly after that, we convinced our new neighbors to give us their precious little Jack Russell mix that their boys had named Zorro.   The next spring we decided that Zorro was too lonely while we were at work, so we adopted Emma and Cassie from Animal RescueJackson Delane was next to join the gang on May 3rd, 2000.   Jackson started daycare at 4 months and continued there for the next 18 months.  Then in the spring of 2002, after many failed attempts to get the math to work, we made a leap of faith and Amy started staying home with Jackson during the day.   That was ten years ago and, while not easy, it was a sacrifice well worth making.  Especially after Benjamin Mills arrived on May 27, 2003  The photo on the left was taken at Mike and Brooke's wedding in August of '99.  Amy was just a few weeks pregnant with Jackson in this photo. And although Amy stays at home, she has spent each of the past four years taking care of four different, wonderful babies for friends of ours, which has brought, along with extra income, a lot of joy to our family.  We eventually outgrew our beloved little first house and in 2010 we moved across town into a larger home on a wonderful street with fantastic neighbors.  We are very lucky and do not take that for granted.


The Honeymoon In Costa Rica

Costa Rica.jpg (67713 bytes)This is a picture from our honeymoon in Costa Rica.  It was taken on the Pacific Coast at Iguanazul.   The sunsets were the best time of day during our stay on the coast.  Everyone would pull a chair out to the side of the cliff, open a cold Pilsen, and just relax till dark.   I hope we can go back sometime.  The country was beautiful and the people were fantastic.

click here for info and photos on our little town of Mayberry, NC.

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