The Dog: River
The Cats:
Ruby Sue and Rosie
The Chickens: Maggie, Mary, Twilight Sparkle, Petunia

River joined the family at 8 weeks old on September 26th, 2015.

Rosie joined the family on April 8th, 2013.  She was a birthday present to Amy.


Ruby Sue joined the family on February 13th, 2009.

Ben and Ruby Sue - March 2009     

- Frankie was Amy's cat.  She moved to Mount Airy from Colonial Heights in 2001.  When I first met Frankie she mostly kept to herself.  As she got older, she began staying inside more, especially during cold weather.  She lived to be fifteen years old and passed away at the end of 2008. 
- Cassie (Feb 1999-Dec 2008)  She was a sweet, loving dog.  Short and long with thick black fur. A rescue dog, we got both her and her sister Emma as puppies.
- Double was a brown beta that Jackson picked out as his Valentine's Day present.  (Feb 2005-Nov 2005).
- Finpy followed Double and passed away in May 2006. 
- Leonardo was Jackson's Hermit Crab.  He brought him home from Myrtle Beach during the Summer of 2008.  He died one year later while we were visiting Atlantic Beach..
- Ben bought a beta fish named Shimmer in the Spring of 2010, he passed away later that year. (2010)
- Jackson won Forest, a goldfish, at the 2010 Jones School Spring Fling.  He passed away one year later (Feb 2010-Feb 2011)
- Ben won Patrick, a goldfish, at the 2011 Jones School Spring Fling.  He was only with us for a few short weeks.  (Feb 2011-Mar 2011)
- Ben's Dwarf Siberian Hamster Napoleon came home with him on September 8th, 2012 and passed away one year later on September 3rd, 2013.
- In August of 2013, Amy rescued Betty Lou from the side of the road in Pilot Mt.  It was the wildest feral cat I had ever seen.  But eventually, she came around and turned into a very sweet, loving cat and found her forever home with my good friend Anita.
Zorro 1998-2013.  Zorro was our Jack Russell Terrier/Beagle mix.  He was a puppy playing in the front yard of the first house Amy and I bought together after we married in 1998.  We kept telling the neighbors that we would like to have him and they kept telling us he wasn't up for adoption.  Then one day they showed up with him at the door.  Zorro was with us for 16 years and was the best dog a family could have.
Emma 1999-2014 - After losing her lifelong friend Zorro, Emma only made it six weeks. She passed away at the age of 15. She was a good girl and the last of our Zorro/Cassie/Emma trio to go. We'll miss her. I vividly recall going with Amy to the rescue fair to pick her out. She was the prettiest puppy there. She was a dog's dog and seemed lost after Zorro passed away. 
- Fall 2014 - Amy brought three kittens home from Hama's house and we managed to find homes for all three.  Bill the Cat went to our friend Shasta's house, our friend Renee took one to a horse farm that was looking for a cat, Bootsie was with us for the longest before finding a very nice home here in town.

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