June 2003

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Hama's Suprise Birthday Party

Hama, Hava Heath, turned 84 on June 29th.  Everyone gave her a big suprise party at the Red Bank Primitive Baptist Church in Claudville.  We had a really fun time visiting with all our family and friends.


In the Pool

It is finally time to jump into the pool!  June 24, 2003.


In the Kitchen

June 23, 2003.  Thanks to Amy's chalkboard wall and lots of room for trains and cars, the kids can play in the kitchen while Amy cooks and I grill.  Jackson made one of his specialties for dessert, Blueberry Shortcake.


On the Street

We decided to get out of the house some Saturday morning and took a walk on Main Street.  Along with the regular stops at the book store and train store, Jackson and I stopped in to check out the Saturday morning jam session in the Downtown Cinema and the music store.  Jackson took his maraca's so he could play too.


Around the House




Father's Day

I had a great Father's Day, twice as good this year.  Here are a few pictures from Sunday, June 15, 2003.  Jackson got me an Incredible Hulk skateboard to go with his Spiderman board.  Papa grilled out in the rain during our Father's Day cookout in Claudville.



Our little Hokie Bird.  June 11, 2003.   


Click HERE for the latest Jackson Movie, "Straight Trippin' Boo"

On the Go

June 8, 2003.  This past Sunday the rains took a break, so Jackson loaded up his 4X4 and headed to Matthew and Samuel's house for some fun on wheels.  Jackson wouldn't ride until I put his helmet and pads on.  The boys all had fun, Megan too.


Benjamin - One Week Old


Sprinkler Time

6/5/2003. Jackson decided that today was a good day to break out the sprinkler.  The water was freezing cold and it wasn't that warm of an evening.  One run through was enough for me.  Jackson, being a kid, ran around in that cold water until he was soaked to the bone and I had to drag him away.  But boy did he have fun!

Baby Benjamin's First Days Home

6/02/03.  Baby Benjamin has been a perfect baby so far and almost never cries.  He spends a couple of hours each day awake and checking things out, but for the most part, he eats and sleeps.  He even slept through most of his bath last night.

 6/02/03.  Jackson has been a super Big Brother so far and just seems to be crazy about Benjamin.  Everyone visiting has been great about spending time with Jackson, he is used to getting all the attention after all.  Johnny and Debbie Marion stopped by last night and brought Jackson a Spiderman coloring book.  Debbie showed Jackson how to work the activity pages and that is all he has wanted to do since. 

  Debbie and Johnny are going to be grandparents later this summer when Neil and Christy have their baby girl, so Benjamin makes for good baby holding practice.


6/01/03.  The boys enjoying a little down time on the couch.


In the Bed

6/4/2003.  I took this photo while getting Jackson ready for bed because Benjamin was so wide awake.  I took the photo of Bruce Wayne for Jackson.  Jackson's bedtime ritual for some time now has been for us to tell him a new Batman and Robin story.  Of course, we have to stick to Jackson's rules when we tell them.   The biggest rule is that the bad guy has to be someone new every night, which means that we have to have a new fun safe way to catch them every night.  We can't just break out the bat goo anymore and we can't get off easy by using Cat Woman or the Joker.   Some of the bad guys so far have been Grand Master P (plays really loud music), Wet Willy (sprays everyone with water), Sir Bounce ALot (steals mattresses and trampolines), Duncan Sheik (walks and drives backwards), Mud Puddle (does the obvious), Purty Girl (throws flowers at people, but was later converted to a good guy when she learned how to plant the flowers in nice places), SteamRoller (crushes things with his big wheel), Polly P Pothole (makes big holes in the road for cars to fall in), Rain Man (ruins fun days at the park with his rain machine), The Fanatic (blows things away with his really big fan), Pablo Picasso (puts things in the wrong places), Sleepy Sandy, Stretch Armstrong, DarkMan, The Baker, The A Team, Stroker Ace, etc...

6/4/2003. Jackson's friend Dylan stopped by to play with him some on Wednesday while Dylan's mom Patti played with Benjamin.


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