Pitching Debut - April 2012
Ping Pong (7MBs) Feb 2011
Basketball - Games 4,5 and 6 (19MBs) Jan 2011 - Jackson's 9-10 year old RCC team
Basketball - Game 3 (24MBs) Dec 2010 - Jackson's 9-10 year old RCC team
Basketball - Game 2 (11MBs) Dec 2010 - Jackson's 9-10 year old RCC team
Christmas Snow (3MBs) Dec 2010 - tubing with the Colemans the day after Christmas
Ice sledding (24MBs) Dec 2010
The Leaf Pile (8MBs) Nov 2010

Birthday Oatmeal (3MBs) May 2010
Sledding (1MB) Feb 2010

Dirt (8MBs) Jul 2009 - jumping in big piles of dirt
Spelling Bee (8MBs) Dec 2008
BBall (2MBs) Jul 2008 - Jimmy and Jackson shooting ball
CrabCakes  (5MBs) Jul 2008 - seal launching into the Dan
No Training Wheels (4MB) Nov 2007 - Jackson's 1st time on two wheels

Championship Trophy Dance (1MB) Oct 2007 - Jackson dancing with his two 1st place trophies

Push It (8MB) Mar07 - Jackson scores 1st place in free style fighting

Nahaichi (3MB) Mar07 - Kata competition (2nd Place - 7.6, 7.6, 7.3)

Another One Bites The Dust (3MB) Feb07 - Jackson sparring and grappling

O' Christmas Tree (3.5MB) Nov06

Splits (1.5MB) Jul06 - Jackson jumps into a split

Pressure Drop (4MB) Jun06 - Jackson swims the length of a pool and dives for the first time

AllStar (1.8MB) May06 - Jackson 3rd in Free-Style Fighting

Bootleg (1.9MB) Apr06 - Jackson sliding his four-wheeler

Kick It (3MB) Feb06 - Jackson's Martial Arts

Risky Business (2.1MB) Jan06 - dancing to Old Time Rock And Roll

Four On One (3.4MB) Nov05 - Jackson's Martial Arts

Two On One (1.7MB) Oct05 - Jackson's Martial Arts

Basic Form #1 (1.1MB) Sep05 - Jackson's Belt Test

Our Hero (2.5MB) Aug05 - Jackson's Martial Arts

Jackson shows off his Jedi levitation trick (1MB) May05

Click here to see Jackson Snowboarding (1.5MB) Jan05

Click here to see Jackson riding a bike for the first time. (1.8MB) Sept04

Click here to see Jackson jamming in the car to Amos Moses by Jerry Reed (1MB). Feb04

Jackson Delane Heath was born May 3rd, 2000, at 11:19PM.  He weighed in at 8lbs and 5 ounces and measured 19 3/4 inches long.  

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