December 2002

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Jackson_2002_12_25_Christmas_morning_Aquatic_Command_Center02_web.jpg (106427 bytes)Christmas started this year in Mount Airy and ended two hundred and fifty miles away at Grandma Sue's in Colonial Heights.   The Aquatic Rescue Command Center was the big gift, but Jackson got everything he asked Santa for, including a little plunger, Mr. Potato Head, Wendy Waters, Arial Flyer, and Jake Justice on a motorcycle.   As usual the afternoon was spent with family at Grandma's house.

    Jackson_2002_12_25_Christmas_morning_NewThomasTrack01_web.jpg (82678 bytes)    Jackson_2002_12_25_Christmas_morning_PotatoHead02_web.jpg (91931 bytes)        Jackson_2002_12_25_Nicole_vanity01_web.jpg (136058 bytes)    Jackson_2002_12_25_Grandma_Sues_House03_web.jpg (117465 bytes)    

Jackson_2002_12_26_JungleBook01_web.jpg (79564 bytes)Jackson having his first video game experience.  He really liked getting Mogli to throw the bananas.  We play games on the computer a lot, but this was his first time in front of a TV alone with a controller.  We spent the days after Christmas visiting in Colonial Heights.  Jackson had a lot of fun, as usual, at Grandma Sue's house and playing with his cousins. 12/27/2002


Jackson_2002_12_27_The_Burtons02_web.jpg (71921 bytes)Amy, her friend Hilary, Jackson, Walter Scott, and Virginia.   (Virginia is three days younger than Jackson)


Jackson_2002_12_27_Grandma'sChair_watching_StuartLittle2_web.jpg (146934 bytes)Jackson watching Stuart Little 2 in Grandma Sue's recliner.  12/27/02.

Jackson_2002_12_10_ChristmasCard04(closeup_laughing)_card_web.jpg (95344 bytes)This is one of about three that we used for our Christmas cards this year.  And yes he did eat that sucker!



Matthew_2002_12_scateboarding03_web_small.jpg (22875 bytes)Skate Rats!!  I think Matthew is showing Jackson just how cool it is to be five years old.   12/22/2002



1st snow of the year and 1st really good snow in Jackson's life.   He had a lot of fun and said "I don't mind the cold Daddy!".  But one face plant in the snow sent him inside.  After nap I tried to get him to go back out and he said "I'm a little bit tired of the snow Daddy."  The pictures below are from about an hour into the snow.  We probably had 8 hours of the best snow falling before the freezing rain really hosed it up.

jackson_2002_12_SnowDay01_web.jpg (132673 bytes)    Jackson_2002_12_SnowDay_with_Mommy_web.jpg (92739 bytes)     jackson_2002_12_SnowDay03_web.jpg (182295 bytes)    jackson_2002_12_SnowDay02_web.jpg (163736 bytes)

Jackson showing Cassie some love.  Cassie then turns into "Cassie the Stunt Dog" as Jackson practices jumping over her.

Jackson_2002_12_jumpingCassie01_web.jpg (99836 bytes)                                    Jackson_2002_12_jumpingCassie03_web.jpg (61379 bytes)

Jackson_2002_12_BrushingTeeth06.jpg (70541 bytes)Jackson brushing his teeth before bedtime

.    Jackson_2002_12_BrushingTeeth09_web.jpg (45357 bytes)     Jackson_2002_12_BrushingTeeth08_web.jpg (59391 bytes)

This is the Clubhouse project. Thanks to Jackson's Papa and Jeff Eads for their help with it.  I have had a lot of fun building it. That is supposed to be a rocket ship cut into the window. Hopefully Jackson will enjoy it next summer.  He has been very specific in how it should look when it is finished.