8/3/15 - Benjamin is twelve years old and attends Middle School.  He has a great sense of humor and a big heart.  Ben plays basketball and soccer, participates in Boy Scouts and kayaks.   He is a fantastic reader and had a fantastic academic year, making all As in 5th grade. 

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Ben playing basketball November 2013
Surry Stars - Turkey Day Challenge November 2013
Ben playing soccer  April 2013
Bullet Bill in action (5MBs) Feb 2011
Building Ben's 1st Pinewood Derby car (22MBs) Feb 2011
Basketball Before Bed  (1MB) Jan 2010
Ice sledding (24MBs) Dec 2010
Tarzan (3MBs) Nov 2010
2 Wheels (11MBs) Jul 2010

Birthday Cake (3MBs) May 2010
Lost Tooth (2MBs) Feb 2010
Snow Spy (12MBs) Feb 2010
The Santa Song (3MBs) Dec 2009

Ben's 1st Day of Kindergarten (11MBs) Aug 2009
Bible School Sing-A-Long (7MBs) Jun 2009

Ben Wii Boxing (4MBs)  Jan 2009
Soul In The Bowl (2MBs) Jul 2008 - Ben playing the drums
I Got Ya Baby (1MB) June 2008 - Ben catching a fish
Big Ben dropping the bomb (11MB) Jan 2008 - karate class

Four Wheeling - Woof Woof (6MB) Nov 2007 - riding on the farm

Rave (2.7MB) Nov06 - Ben dancing

Pee Wee Karate (3MB) Nov06

WokkaWokka (3MB) Jul06

TRL Baby! (2.0MB) May06 - Ben playing a drum

Good Idea Dad (1.6MB) Feb06

Whoa, Daddy, Whoa (1.1MB) Sep05 - Ben running

Ben Colors His Egg  (1.8MB) Mar05

Ben's Trash Can Game . (2.3MB) Aug04

Walk of Life (1.8MB) Apr04 - first steps

 JohnnyBGood (2MB). Mar04 - Benjamin pushing his toy car

Benjamin standing all by himself (600KB). Feb04

We started documenting Benjamin's life early, click here to hear the first recording of Benjamin's  heartbeat

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