September 2000

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Jackson in Blue Rocker.jpg (64686 bytes)Jackson in Blue Rocker II.jpg (49569 bytes)

Jackson in Cowboys PJs.jpg (30775 bytes)Jackson is 4 months old this month.  The photos in the blue rocking chair were made at Mo and Papa's house.

Jackson in crib on belly (9-2000)jpg.jpg (41135 bytes)  Jackson in bibs (4months).jpg (46816 bytes)  Jackson on Daddy's shoulders (9-2000).jpg (37566 bytes)  Jackson the Toe Sucker (9-2000).jpg (32552 bytes)

         Jackson in bouncy seat with gap t-shirt.jpg (48480 bytes)     Jackson_on_floor.jpg (22119 bytes)

Jackson looking at spoon.jpg (49024 bytes)Jackson in high chair.jpg (38009 bytes)Jackson can't talk yet, but I think you can tell what he thought about his first taste of rice cereal.  Actually, I am not sure he knew what to think about it.   Man, can that kid eat now though.  I wouldn't describe Jackson as a finicky eater!



Jackson and Mom getting ready for school.jpg (33812 bytes)Jackson and Mom having fun early one morning before school.




Jackson with Elmo(snugin).jpg (25136 bytes)Jackson and his new best friend Elmo.  Jackson likes Elmo so much that he just wants to eat him whenever they play together.   Jackson is not quite 4 months old in this picture.