2012 Neighborhood Olympics
August 11, 2012
Olympic Committee co-presidents - Jackson Heath and Jack Bevard

Gold Medals
Lawnmower Race - Jack
Basketball - Tony, Bryson and Allie
Badminton - Ben and Delane
Cornhole - Jessica and Delane
.25 mile race (7-9 yrs old) - Ben
1 mile race (10-12 yrs old) - Jackson
1.5 mile race (13+) - Kevin

Held a month later than last year's Olympics, the air temp was in the low to mid 80s and we only had one brief shower during the afternoon, between the basketball tournament and the foot races.  Jackson and Jack did another great job in organizing the Olympics and scheduling the events.  The schedule said that the cookout would start at 6:05 and that is exactly when Mark announced that the burgers were ready.  We live in a great neighborhood and it is nice that we can all get together for a fun day like this.



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