Tuesday the 4th. Amy and Ben were able to get out and spend some time on the walking trail and playground this morning.  The playground is a lot of fun for the little kids once the big kids are all at school.  Ben was in a fabulous mood at lunch time.  Lately we have been playing a game where I sit on the piano bench playing my guitar and he runs back and forth from his room getting different instruments to play.  He has the cutest dance moves, especially when he is playing his toy guitar or tambourine.

In between bath and bed the boys and I were dancing to the Shark Tales cd.  I am pretty sure I pulled a muscle showing them how to do the worm.  But I did manage to teach them all of Hammer's signature dance moves to Can't Touch This.   Well, sort of.  Teach the boys to have fun, can do.  Show them how to dance? Let's just hope they didn't get my dancing genes.

Tonight while reading Jackson his bedtime story (Christmas Eve from a Frog And Toad book), he was able to recognize many of the words.  After we finished he came up with a sentence that he could both read and spell.  "I will not see a red toy."  He was able to lay in bed and spell the entire sentence.  He is doing this exactly one week after I became stressed out by the kindergarten curriculum.  Never underestimate a five year old.

Today's photos are from Grayson and Jason's wedding this past Saturday.  The wedding was beautiful and the reception was perfect.  Great music, the food was incredible, the weather couldn't have been better, and the new couple were very happy.  Is anyone else as in love with the mashed potatoes in the martini glass thing as I am?  We've been to two receptions this year that have done that and I am all about standing in front of an unlimited amount of bacon bits and cheddar cheese with a glass of potatoes in my hand.  I was kept busy with the camera because everyone wanted to be photographed with our friend Megan, who was maybe the prettiest bridesmaid ever.  You can click here to see more wedding photos in our Wedding Gallery..


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