October 2001

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This month was Pumpkin Patch month.  Jackson made the most out of picking out his pumpkin.  He would pick one up, make a few steps,  then look at us and say "Heavy!" just before he dropped it.  But he finally found one just the right size.


Jackson and Virginia kissing.  They are both 17 months old.



Jackson17mo_wagon_Virginia_small.jpg (68420 bytes)Jackson17mo_Virginia_ooh_leaves_small.jpg (81483 bytes)Jackson and Virginia got to spend a day playing together in the leaves.


Jackson17mo_tractor_small.jpg (70352 bytes)Jackson riding his tractor at Grandma Sue's house.  He really loves playing outside, especially when his cousins stop by to play a little soccer.  He had a great visit.


Mount Airy had it's annual Autumn Leaves Festival in October.  These pictures were taken down at the Bluegrass Stage.  Jackson was dancing in the rain and knocking down a Bahama Mama.

 Jackson17mo_festival_bahamamama03_small.jpg (55797 bytes)     Jackson17mo_festival_bahamamama01_small.jpg (51334 bytes)

Jackson17mo_lazyboy2_small.jpg (48821 bytes)I know that I have a picture of Jackson kicking back in his recliner every month, but whenever I see him doing it I just have to take his picture.  It is one of the few times he looks like he might have a little of me in him.  10/16/01

Jackson's first trip to the zoo.